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Large 180 Derek’s Dalek MiniTree

Based on Derekbackus’ design of his MiniTree made of steel, we have adapted his design to a cost effective coro version.


The Large Version of Derek’s Dalek MiniTree uses panels with 17 Pixels/RGB nodes for a total of 85 nodes in a 180 degree configuration. You can install as many or as few nodes as you like. The tree also includes our 12″ 20 node star that is held in place with two nodes and reinforced with a steel rod.

  • 5×17 MegaTree node configuration 85 Nodes total
  • Pixel spacing of 2.25″┬ácenter to center
  • includes 30cm 20 node star (white coro only)
  • Tree panels are available in Black, White and Green
  • Made from 5mm fluted plastic (coro)
  • Mini tree is 1m tall without star and 1.27m tall with star mounted
  • The base is 58cm wide and the top is 8cm wide
  • The back panel has a series of ziptie mounting holes to attach tree to a stake or 25mm PVC Conduit
  • A small access hole has been added to allow easy access to the upper half of the tree without having to take the tree apart.


The inside of the tree has the score marks for folding. Install pixels or RGB nodes of your choice. Take the star and install the metal reinforcement rod if it isn’t already installed, make sure it is in a channel that doesn’t obstruct a node mounting hole. Then bend the star mounting tab slightly just below the star to make it straight when the tree is complete and it keeps the reinforcement from falling out. Make all wire connections now. When you are ready to close the tree, install the zipties loosely until you have them all in place then you can tighten them up to make the tree close.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 105 × 90 × .5 cm

Black, Green, White


  1. LDL

    I found the mini trees nice and quick and easy to put together and they feature some great design features for example how the star is secured to the top of the tree and how the backing prices has a pre-cut access hole and mounting points.

    I have done a quick review of them here

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