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ChromaWreath 30″


The ChromaWreath is our take on a classic decorating item the Wreath.

Features: Each ChromaWreath is approximately 76cm in diameter and contains 72 or 144 node mounting holes. The holes are designed for 12mm Square nodes but bullet style nodes work as well. When using the square node, it will recess into the 10mm coro allowing the LED to be fully exposed on the face of the ChromaWreath while helping reduce the light and wire height on the rear of the ChromaWreath so it can lay flatter to the surface it is mounted to. Custom models of the ChromaWreath have been added to Xlights to make sequencing a breeze.

***This will ship slit in the back, if you don’t want it slit, there will be an additional shipping charge invoiced and emailed once boxed***

  •  72 or 144 total nodes per 76cm ChromaWreath
  • 3 rings of  24 or 3 rings of 48  nodes configuration
  • Designed specifically for 12mm square nodes but bullets work as well.
  • Made from heavy duty 10mm xFlute™ coro
  • Each ChromaWreath is approximately 76cm in diameter
  • If using square nodes, The 144 node count will not work.


Nothing fancy here, just install  of your favorite 12mm pixels or dumb nodes.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 59 × 2 cm
Node Count

72, 144

Pixel Type

Bullet, Square


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