ChromaCane Mega

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ChromoCane is a beautiful take on an iconic Candy Cane that allows for fast assembly and works with pixels or RGB Nodes.  This is a Mega Version that will come in two pieces with a backer plate.  There will also be a slit on the back at the top to fold over and also will have a backer plate.  This is the help with shipping cost.


  • Works with all 12mm nodes bullets, 4″ spacing
  • 2.2m Tall x 84cm Wide
  • 4 columns of nodes for a total of  200 nodes per ChromoCane
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in White 10mm coro only
  • ChromoCane mounts to 25mm Conduit or another type of stake with Cabletie holes
  • 100% American Design, Aussie Made


The ChromoCanes  will ship in two pieces with a fold at the top.  You will attach the two provided backer plates with zip ties to the back of your cane.  They are designed to be cabletied to a stake with the provided cabletie holes. You can install your pixels or RGB’s in just a few minutes. Push the stake in the ground set it up in the sequencer of your choice and enjoy.


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