What we do

Gday! Welcome to the crazy world of LED Pixel Christmas lighting. While we don’t sell everything to have your light show bounce to the beat, We definitley will try our best to have your ideas come to life.

This is still a very DIY Hobby so most things still require a lot building, Learning and setup. This is a guide on where and how to find things that relate to our hobby and get you started. Firstly, You’ll need software to create your show. While there is a few options, xLights is the most used and very easy to find local help. xLights is free to download and can be found here. This is where you’ll spend most of your time setting up your show. You’ll need a picture of your home so you can add props to your layout so the computer can tell where each prop is. You’ll also setup your controllers so xLights can automatically send the setup to it for you. You can also purchase sequences from many vendors. I have teamed up with Pixel Pro Displays in the USA. They have unbelievable sequences to choose from.

Secondly, Controllers. So many different controllers to choose from. We have a locally made product from Hanson Electronics and he is available for troubleshooting/help. The most used and what I personally use is Falcon controllers. These are a bullet proof, easy to setup 16 port controller. This is a personal choice so check the links below on where to find these.

Thirdly, Lights. We use what we call LED Pixels. They come in 2 different forms, Bullet and Square. These are the biggest cost in the hobby. We do have an Australian vendor in Perth that usually has stock. If he doesn’t, you can go directly to the Chinese manufacturers. Biggest choice is whether you want to go 12v or 5v. Up to you. Power supplies are also required. I sell and recommend MeanWell power supplies. Wiring can either be purchased or made from rolls.

Fourthly, Props. I can definitely help you here. I have been an Australian vendor for Boscoyo Studios and EFL Designs for quite some time. Our props are built into xLights for easy download. Look for the Arrow pointing down along the prop line and a pop up with a model list will show up. Use these to see if it fits your layout before you buy. Our props are very sturdy so they can be easily mount where you see fit. We don’t however sell mounting kits etc as we have no idea where you’d like to mount your props. Your own engineering skills will come into play here.

We also have a zoom room available for troubleshooting/help if and when required. 2 eyes are better than one. This room is linked through xLights.org and someone can definitely help you out getting issues sorted.

Below is a list of vendors and youtube videos to get you started.

www.auschristmaslighting.com Aus based community with loads of info

www.xlights.org  Computer software

www.hansonelectronics.com.au  Controllers and other bits and pieces

www.pixelcontroller.com Controllers. These are sent from Adelaide

www.lightitupleds-xmas.com  Perth Based Pixel Vendor

https://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799  Ray Wu. Trusted Chinese pixel Vendor

https://www.aliexpress.com/store/4478030 Paul Zhang Trusted pixel Vendor

http://www.scottled.com/  Another trusted pixel vendor

www.pixelprodisplays.com  Sequence Vendor

https://www.youtube.com/@PixelProDisplays  Youtube Help

https://www.youtube.com/@CanispaterChristmas  Youtube help

https://www.youtube.com/@Keithwestley  Youtube Help