These are Xmodels that are currently not available in the Downloadable link in xLights can be found here

ELD Modified Letter R

60cm 2 & 3 Prong Combo Flake

Mr Chill (Professional Triers Podcast logo)

ELD Breast Cancer Ribbon

ELD Hutchos Fence

ELD Kangaroo

ELD Icicles

ELD Fan Arch

ELD Flower 1

ELD Flower 2

ELD Mini Figurine

ELD Redback Spider

ELD Mega Redback Spider

ELD Sleigh

ELD B2B Candy Cane

ELD Musical Note Single

ELD Musical Note Double



ELD Starburst Spinner Wreath 60cm

ELD Starburst Spinner 1.2m

ELD Tune To

Boscoyo Singing Tree This is a better wiring option with less cut/joins than the one in the download section (3 mouth version)

Boscoyo GingerBread Man

Boscoyo ChromaKoala

Boscoyo Ornament 3

Boscoyo Ornament 11

Boscoyo Ornament 12

Boscoyo Whimsical Spinner 24″

Boscoyo Whimsical Wreath Face

EFL Running Reindeer Right Facing

EFL Tune To Boombox

EFL NSR Spiral X

EFL Snowman

EFL Selfie Wing

EFL Pixie Wings

EFL Singing Tree

EFL Clarice Reindeer

EFL Reindeer

EFL Emoji

EFL Ice Cream Emoji

EFL Evil Clown

EFL Nellis Gnome

EFL Nelly Gnome

EFL Illegal Alien

EFL BigdaFan

EFL Pumpkin

EFL Flake 36

EFL Snowman Flake

EFL Santa To go with the sleigh

EFL Sleigh

Mo-Del Unicorn

Piptree X Wing

Piptree Tie Fighter

Piptree Bluey

Piptree Bingo

Piptree Bandit

Piptree Chilli