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Name: MISR Mounting clips


The Monkhouse Internal Stress Relief or MISR Clip is based on Jackie and Walter Monkhouse’s idea to mount the 12mm MegaTree Mounting strips. The MISR clip allows you to put a tremendous amount of tension on the strips without compromising the strip integrity.


The MISR clip has been tested and has exceeded 70lbs of tension. The gauge maxed out or we could have gone more! We feel this MISR clip is the best accessory for the original 12mm MegaTree Mounting strips. The clip can be used at the top and at the bottom of your MegaTree Mounting Strip.

  • Aluminum made one piece design
  • Matches existing mounting holes
  • Large hole allows for ziptie or landscape spike mounting
  • Can be reused on future projects
  • These are produced in the USA so may need ordering in at anytime


Simply fold the original 12mm MegaTree Mounting strips in half at a row of 1/8″ mounting holes and insert the MISR clip. Use two small 4″ zipties to secure the MISR clip to the MegaTree Mounting Strip.


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