BUD 32026 Kit For Falcon F16v3/4/5 Controllers

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Now Available!! Control Box Kits for your Falcon F16v3/4/5 or F48v4!


We have decided to make it extremely easy for you to build your own control boxes. Now in a kit form, These BUD 32026 kits come with everything you need to get started in the hobby. No more buying 30 different things to get it to work, All you need now is your controller, Power Supplies (Sold Separately) and your own power cables.

This kit includes, a BUD 32026 weatherproof box, Base plate for mounting power supplies, A Clear acrylic top plate for mounting controllers, Expansion board or Differential Expansion and a Raspberry Pi, Your Choice of 16 50cm Ray Wu style or X Connect pigtails, 16 x PG7 Cable Glands, 2 x PG9 Cable Glands for regular size power cable, Nylon Nut, bolts and Standoffs for mounting hardware (M4 for controllers, expansion and power supplies M3 for Raspberry Pi) 2 x RJ45 Bulkhead connectors, 4 x M8 100mm screws with 8 nuts and 4 wing nuts and screws for mounting. At an extra cost, We can add another 16 PG7 Cable Glands for expansion and Brackets to space another 2 power supplies.

At the moment, I only have the bolt patterns for the Falcon F16V3/4 or F48v4 controllers and will eventually add more diverse range of controller bolt patterns as we get our hands on them.

We also recommend venting these boxes for our Aussie Summer. These can be found with David at DA-Share

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 33 × 20 cm
Standard Kit

Yes Please!

Add Extra PG7 Cable Glands

No, Yes

Add PSU Mounting Brackets

Yes, No

Pigtail Type

Ray WU, X Connect

Add Extra Pigtails

Yes, No


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